Sustainable development

At NEWIND, social responsibility is part of our business philosophy. We strive to combine social engagement with strategic objectives of our organization.

We implement ethical principles and responsible business programmes at all levels of our company operations. We make decisions that allow us to conduct business in a socially responsible and environmentally friendly manner, build up mutual trust, and create favourable conditions for sustainable development respecting the ecology.

Developing sustainable and competitive business organization is our strategic goal. We would like our company to stand out in the area of sustainable development and make it become the mainspring of competitiveness for our business partners from private and public sectors in addition to other stakeholders.

We want to respond to business challenges, actively solve major problems in the IT sector and develop diversity policy.

These goals are achievable because NEWIND:

  • makes use of and builds up resources from the area of employment practices in order to increase recognisability, credibility and popularity of NEWIND as an employer,
  • takes up actions to increase efficiency in recruiting employees from new target groups,
  • uses relational resources and competence to build on expertise in the area of green IT,
  • develops innovation and knowledge management in the organization,
  • raises social awareness of equal access to development in the field of computer sciences for both women-engineers and men-engineers, offers solutions, initiates trade events and actively participates in them,
  • undertakes activities in the area of development of social capital of young parents working in the IT industry (for instance, by providing them with flexible and convenient working conditions).