Network technologies

Fortinet is the forerunner and worldwide market leader in integrated and hardware accelerated threat management systems – Unified Threat Management (UTM).

Such solutions are used by companies and providers of telecommunications services in order to increase security while reducing total operational costs.Fortinet products integrate many security functions: firewall, anti-virus protection, VPN, SL and IPSec, intruder detection, anti-spam protection and protection from spyware, and traffic management.

With the help of ASIC technology, not only do they offer protection of a network of any size but also management and reporting.

HP provides an extensive portfolio of products for wired and wireless networks for clients with strictest requirements, ranging from small companies to large corporations.

The HP portfolio contains LAN switches (A, E, and V series), controllers and access points of WiFi network, firewalls for protection from threats (S series), routers of WAN network services, and HP Intelligent Management Centre software for a comprehensive network management.

HP Networking offer allows to integrate wired and wireless environments while ensuring safety from the network backbone to its boundary.


Juniper Networks, as a global provider of network and security solutions, offers routers, switches, integrated security solutions, and network management systems.

Products and solutions of Juniper Networks allow to create a high-efficient network infrastructure by developing flexible and trusted environment permitting to implement many services and applications in a single network.