Mass storage and virtualization technologies

Technology: VMware Virtualization
– data processing and cloud management centres. Virtualization and consolidation of servers, networks, and mass storage memories with the use of: vCloud Suite, vSphere, Virtual SAN, vSphere Data Protection,and vCenter Site Recovery Manager Management of the virtualized and hybrid cloud environment using vCenter Operations Manager Suitsoftware.

Technology: HP StoreServ 3PAR

– virtualized platform of mass storage memory providing the flexibility and effectiveness required by today’s data processing centres. This solution is equipped with key technologies developed with a view to supporting the virtualization. Also, this is the only platform which guarantees efficiency required to double the congestion of virtual machines (VM) on physical servers. It guarantees the possibility of storing all data in a single system operating advanced functions such as federation of mass storage memory and automated tiering.

Technology: HP StoreVirtual

– the most comprehensive platform of mass storage memory currently available in the market. HP StoreVirtual architecture guarantees the mass storage memory which is scaled linearly, in terms of capacity and efficiency. This solution makes it possible to respond to and quickly adjust to client’s changing needs. RAID network functions are also responsible for replication and security of numerous data copies in the cluster of the mass storage memory by eliminating any point of failure.

Technology: HP StoreOnce

– HP StoreOnce Backup systems together with StoreOnce Catalyst software ensure a coherent architecture for creating highly-efficient backups and possibility of scaling, which covers client’s entire company. Nowadays, it is possible to limit the number of backups being stored by 95% and choose between efficient, dedicated devices for bigger offices and data centres and flexible virtual machines VMware for smaller and located further away offices. StoreOnce Backup systems smoothly integrating existing applications for backups enable a flexible integration both in SAN and virtualized environments.