SAP Basis

The elements of the SAP NetWeaver product family is created on basis of the multilayer client/server structure. The different layers include: presentation-, application-, database– and middleware layer. The presentation layer is designed using front-end technology containing SAPGUI.

GUI for MS Windows, Java or popular web browsers can serve as user interfaces. Other custom interfaces can be delivered for i.e. “kiosk” systems or mobile applications.

Application server layers contain complete SAP application business logic. Those applications can work on Windows Server systems and most of the UNIX, i5 and z/OS systems. Main system scalability is achieved by expansion of the application layers and addition of new servers.

The database layer manages the SAP programs as well as the company operation data. This task is performed utilising relative database management systems.

The mentioned systems must comply the SAP application requirements, which are crucial for business processing during operations requiring high workload level. Currently they support DB2, Informix, Microsoft’s SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, SAP HANA and the MaxDB database.