IT monitoring systems

Technology: IBM Tivoli Netcool Network Management

IBM Tivoli Netcool Network Management package is used to monitor the network and as an umbrella system integrating events generated in other systems used for monitoring IT infrastructure:

  • allows to monitor the network infrastructure in real time;
  • allows to notify operators/administrators of the failure location;
  • permits obtaining potential problem forecast;
  • shares the central console of events with the alarm view concerning the scope of the infrastructure subject to monitoring;
  • ensures administrators and operators the view of failures detected in the network topology in L2/L3 layers of ISO/OSI model;
  • allows to shorten response time on the failures of devices within the network infrastructure;
  • provides diagnostic tools of work-supporting administrators.

Technology: IBM Tivoli Netcool Performance Manager

This module is responsible for the acquisition and processing of efficiency and quality metrics:

  • excellent visibility of efficiency information;
  • management of network efficiency of various producers;
  • data collection from wired and wireless networks;
  • extensive library of packages dedicated to the handling of the collection and analysis of specific technologies;
  • ongoing monitoring of rendered services;
  • precise determination of the efficiency of IT infrastructure.

Technology: IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management

IBM SmartCloud Application Performance Management is used to monitor operational systems and applications:

  • it allows to monitor system resources of the server infrastructure;
  • pro actively reacts to incidents;
  • simplifies identification of the source of the efficiency decline;
  • provides administrators with a unified, flexible operating panel enabling to view incidents in real time;
  • shortens an average time to gain access to services after the failure occurrence;
  • allows to make forecasts on the basis of reports generated from available historical records;
  • automatically indicates a corrective solution in order to quickly restore availability of system resources.

Technology: IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager

IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager presents a status of IT infrastructure in the context of business services:

  • graphic modelling of business services;
  • determines a status of a business service on the basis of the status of individual elements of the IT infrastructure, which participates in the process of rendering a particular service;
  • collects pieces of information on the environment subject to monitoring through other applications;
  • monitoring and visualisation of KPI indicators in real time;
  • monitoring of SLA levels and warnings about exceeding the envisaged thresholds;
  • graphic presentation in real time;
  • ongoing and past reporting.