Security systems

Technology: Safenet Luna SA

Highly efficient HSM (Hardware Security Module) cryptographic devices of a leading manufacturer in this field – Canadian company Safenet Inc. The HSM devices enable e.g. development of one’s own public key infrastructure ( PKI – Public Key Infrastructure).

Technology: IBM Tivoli Identity Manager

Identity and access management software within IT systems (IdM – Identity Management).
IdM systems enable implementation of the company’s security policy in practice for requesting and granting access to the systems and applications, granting access, controlling a current level of user’s entitlements, and automatic reporting.

Technology: Cryptzone SEP (Simple Encryption Platform)

Secured eFile – system for the encryption of files and folders on local and network drives. This system uses the AES256 algorithm.

Secured eCollaboration – system for the protection and encryption of resources made available through Microsoft SharePoint. In addition to the encryption with the use of the AES256 algorithm, it gives the owner of a file possibility to assign access entitlements and rights to particular users and deprive them of such rights, as well as to block documents even after they had been uploaded to a user’s local drive.

Secured eMail – electronic mail encryption system. Recipient of an encrypted e-mail massage can decrypt it and read it on any mobile device and computer owing to the Global Communication technology.

Secured eDevice – controls and blocks defined ports (e.g. USB, FireWire) and devices (e.g. CD/DVD or WiFi) preventing from plugging unauthorised devices and copying data. In addition, it controls and blocks e.g. specific file types or files of a specific content or size. It also assigns the limits for data copying, etc.

Secured eUSB – encryption of data on USB-type memories/drives. The system is equipped with a built-in Kill Pil option allowing for remote removal of the entire content of the drive and blocking or changing a password. DCR – Data Content Reporting gives the possibility of remote inventory and detailed verification of USB drives content.

Secured eDisk – full HDD drive encryption with the use of: DES, 3DES, IDEA, AES-128,AES-192, and AES-256. It gives the possibility of two-level authentication and Single Sign On from Windows. It is certified to Common Cartier EAL-4 and FIPS 140-2 Level 2.