IT Environment Management System

IT Environment Management System has been created and is dedicated to administrators of IT infrastructure, whose proper running directly translates into optimization of business processes of any company.

Control and maintenance of the infrastructure have become a challenge for IT administrators, particularly for those working in a corporate environment that requires a great amount of hardware and user accounts.

IT Environment Management System is dedicated to companies with a dispersed organizational structure or those having several hundreds or more data processing points (workstations, servers, devices).
The main functionalities of our system include:

  • Preventing access to PC computers by unauthorised persons – this functionality prevents a risk of data leakage, minimizes any potential installation of unauthorised software, and increase standardization through a complete registration of service staff activities.
  • Fully automated data transfer – it does not require personnel’s engagement. At the same time, this functionality guarantees data provision to a designated service on the part of the head office/branch. This mechanism increases safety and effectiveness of data provision.
  • Monitoring of the devices – includes early warning of failures or problems, reporting of devices’ running, increasing standardization owing to the analysis of parameters of the devices and control of service staff activities, as well as adapting the System to dedicated processes and needs.
  • Software inventory, management of patterns – this application makes it possible to compare defined condition (of the purchased software) and the actual condition (of the installed software) with regard to shortages of licences. Moreover, we carry out the analysis of workstations in terms of their compliance with defined patterns of the software. The system also makes it possible to register pieces of information on basic hardware components, as well as any changes thereto.

We have implemented our solutions for: PKN Orlen S.A., in the offices of Jeronimo Martins S.A.and stores of Biedronka.

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