Property Management System

Property Management System is our own proprietary tool created for the needs of persons responsible for the quality improvement of property management. The management method has a substantial impact on the level of investment effectiveness. Our system allows to maintain the usable and market value of a property without deterioration, as well as allows to increase these values.

Users of our system may monitor costs of property maintenance, plan technical equipment service, manage tenancy contracts, and run a register of properties. This management system definitely contributes to increase benefits resulting from the property operation.

The Property Management system runs based on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation platform. Using the SharePoint, users may configure collaboration websites in order to share information with other persons, manage documents from the very beginning to the end, and publish reports helping in taking better decisions. This platform enables to create various kinds of websites, which allows joint creation of websites, documents, lists, calendars, and data, and to create one’s own applications.

The Property Management system has a number of functional modules:

  • Management of properties – this module allows to register pieces of information on specific properties.
  • Tenant / service provider management – this module is used to register pieces of information concerning tenants and service providers.
  • Contract management – this module allows to register contracts (tenancy contracts, service contracts, operation contracts). This module also allows to record invoices and assign them to adequate contracts. The system also makes it possible to send alerts reminding about important, from a perspective of contract performance, events such as, e.g. approaching validity of a contract, exceeding the appropriations, etc.). Types of alerts are determined in the course of carrying out the pre-implementation analysis. Moreover, each contract may have documents electronically enclosed thereto (e.g. scan of a contract).
  • Space management – this module serves to define a property structure – information on buildings, storeys, and rooms, which allows to localize the equipment located in property.
  • Equipment management – this module allows to store pieces of information on equipment located in property.
  • Records of costs – this module allows to register costs in relation to the contracts registered in the System.
  • Planning – this module is made up of a set of reports which help plan expenditures based on the costs borne in previous periods.
  • System management  – this module includes features allowing to grant the powers to the System and update vocabulary and configuration data (e.g. address of reporting server).