Newind Projects

The Newind Projects is our proprietary tool for effective and easy project management within a company. Currently, each developing company needs a support for project management and monitoring. Our solution is dedicated to clients looking for less expensive and simpler in use programs than these available in the market, such as Microsoft Project Server or Primavera.

Using the Newind Projects system in everyday work of project teams ensures financial savings as well as it allows the optimal use of time and company’s resources: The Newind Projects tool helps team managers effectively manage group work and communications, and also supervise subsequent stages of projects and use of the project’s budget. Team members, thanks to our system, know exactly what their tasks are and can easily report to the managers about progress in the execution of tasks assigned to them. The management staff is able to track budgets of all projects in real time and to take financial decisions based on generated actual data. Project selection according to defined criteria allows to assess interdependency and adapt the projects and resources to strategic goals of any company.

The Newind Projects tool supports project management in the fields, such as for example:

  • Comprehensive financial management of projects (ability to integrate the system with the already existing financial and accounting system) covering planning of the project’s budget, requests to change the budget together with the approval procedure, monitoring of budget changes, multidimensional comparative analyses of planned and actual expenses based on a detailed analysis, analysis of the budget of project portfolio together with a graphic indication of deviations, and registration of contracts related to adequate projects.
  • Management of the project’s material scope including, without limitation: registration of project tasks, assignment of tasks to specific team members, reporting of the progress of task realization (possibility to export data to an external GIS system)
  • Creating a common working area for projects including, without limitation: a library of documents integrated with the package offering such possibilities as: division into main and working versions, blockage of the ability to edit a document by more than one person, introduction of the option of document approval process, ability to create a calendar including tasks connected with the project, and ability to upload files.