System for public procurements

System supporting a comprehensive handling of public procurements is dedicated to entities, which are obliged to comply with the Public Procurement Law.

Purchase and implementation of our product, which supports management, registration and control of public procurements, ensures many benefits – both economic and organisational.

Our solution enables to manage the process of public procurements, from planning, through its creation and handling, to the selection of the contractor, who had submitted the most advantageous offer in the tender proceedings.

The system also allows a detailed tracking of the investment process and thorough reporting, giving the possibility to plan and track the realization of public procurement applications within one entity.

The system has a simple and clear user’s interface allowing an efficient and autonomous work with the application as early as few moments after its first activation.

The system includes four basic modules:

  • Planning – this module is divided into subsequent two functional areas:
    • Departmental plans – created for each Department/Organisational Unit of a company. Employees of departments are able to determine purchases planned for the following year, according to the Public Procurement Law. The departmental plan must go through the approval procedure.
    • General plans – are created from the point of view of the whole company and are intended to group together items of the Departmental Plans that have similar subject (e.g. purchase of computers, cleaning services, etc.). The General Plan of public procurements of a unit must also go through the approval procedure.
  • Preparing Tender Procedures – this module allows to create electronic applications for public procurements (applications and forms – applications exempted from the Public Procurement Law). This module also allows to register any data relating to a particular application, which can also be associated with the item of the General Plan and the Departmental Plan. Each application goes through the approval procedure (dependent upon the procedure) and then is verified by the Public Procurement Department.
  • Contracts.This module allows to register contracts concluded as a result of winning public procurement procedures. Contracts are linked to adequate applications, so that it is possible to place information on the resolution of the procedures in the System.
  • Reporting – this module includes a set of reports, allowing to generate a thorough, up-to-date piece of information concerning the implementation of the Plan of public procurements and registered applications.

Our application runs on Microsoft SharePoint platform within the Microsoft Office 365 service. SharePoint service ensures a single, integrated location, which enables employees to efficiently cooperate with other team members, share their knowledge and find resources and pieces of information linked to the entity.