Purchasing Management system

Our own proprietary Purchasing Management system is addressed to persons responsible for handling purchasing procedures. Users of this system may easily plan and monitor the purchases made within the company or a group of companies. Such users also have a quick access to management information as the application collects all data from other users and stores them in one place.

Moreover, the Purchasing Management system facilitates handling of tendering procedures, enables detailed tracking of purchasing process, as well as easily generates precise reports.

The Purchasing Management system enables realization of projects within the sphere of:

  • creating purchasing plans at multiple levels of detail (e.g. company, department, etc.);
  • management of purchasing plans during their period of validity (modifications, approving purchasing plans, access to their history, etc.);
  • monitoring of financial values (planned amounts, actual amounts, reserve amounts, amounts to be planned);
  • monitoring of purchases;
  • cyclic purchases and intervention purchases;
  • contract management, including, e.g., registration of contracts, annexes, orders to contracts, crisis orders (without a signed contract), invoices assigned to specific orders, registration of deposits and penalties, sending notifications on the deposit return deadline or calculating penalties, analysing contracts in terms of an advantageous budget, expiry / renewal date;
  • assistance in public and private tenders, including, without limitation: planning and conducting tendering procedures, submitting appeals in tendering procedures, information, make-up of the tender committees, and handling motions for procedure approval.