Planning and Budgeting System

Planning and Budgeting System is our specialised tool which enables to create a budget structure and effective financing management in any company.

Our application allows to present data on budget implementation based on data generated from the financial and accounting system, according to the scheme applied by a particular entity and at the defined level of data aggregation. Moreover, this tool allows to create a budget structure through defining budget cells and type-cost items, as well as budget plan for a defined period.

Main features of the system relate to the creation of the budget structure and budgeting process servicing. The application foresees the creation of full and partial budget plans in various planning perspectives together with the service of process consisting in the implementation of changes. Moreover, planned budgets and their implementation can be viewed in accordance with their defined parameters as well as track changes in particular versions and variants. This application also allows to generate a printout or save a particular budget to a file.

Our system includes four functionality groups:

  • Creating budgeting model – involves the definition of budgetary items in connection with ZPK (company chart of capital accounts of a certain company) and budgetary cells in connection with MPK (cost centre), as well as the ability to create automated and manual budgetary structure on the basis of defined items and budgetary cells. All historical budgetary structures, according to which the budgets had been created, are versioned and stored. Moreover, the system shares pre-defined classifications and allows to define its own classifications which may be used in order to present budgets in the defined range.
  • Budgeting process servicing – within the scope of the budgeting process servicing, the system allows to create operational budget and partial budgets (sub-budgets) defined in the budgetary structure on the basis of approved division of budgetary objects – that is the budgetary units. Budgeting process is carried out monthly with automatic determination of information on plans, their implementation, and deviations in specific periods (quarter, year, determined monthly scope of the budget year).
  • Presentation of budget plans and their implementation – this system allows ongoing monitoring of a budget being currently implemented and finding and viewing all archived budget versions for the current and previous years, according to the defined parameters and breakdowns of data presentations.
  • System administration – budgeting process is available to defined system users on the basis of entitlements granted to them.

A smart combination of commonly used methodology and advanced IT tool reduces organizational effort connected with budgeting and improves the control of the budget implementation.