System Supporting Management Control

System Supporting Management Control is dedicated to public finance sector units in order to support the achievement of a company’s objectives in an effective, cost-effective, and timely manner as well as in accordance with the law.
This tool is to improve the effectiveness of management processes in everyday work of Directors of District Employment Agencies and Heads of Organizational Units. Owing to the implementation of our system, Management Staff may check, on an ongoing basis, whether the tasks assigned under the process of management control are properly implemented. Each task can have the person responsible assigned thereto. Moreover, the system includes defined indicators which help control the implementation of company’s envisaged objectives. Thus, this solution provides Directors and Heads of Organisational Units with a set of tools allowing to effectively manage and monitor the quality of work performed.

System Supporting the Management Control improves the effectiveness of processes belonging to the management control, including:

  • setting and monitoring of the implementation of a company’s objectives;
  • setting and monitoring of tasks/objectives specific for organisational units;
  • reporting in the form of risk matrix of objectives and tasks;
  • reporting progress in the implementation of the objectives and tasks based on defined indicators.

The system includes the administration module allowing to:

  • manage user’s entitlements;
  • update vocabulary data using the system; and
  • integrate the directory service (Active Directory).