IT Environment Management System

Implementation of suitable tools for monitoring and IT resources management brings a number of benefits for companies in the form of implemented new business services, optimization of operational costs, improvement of business functioning, as well as fast solving of errors and problems related to service provision. These tools allow to undertake economically justified actions in order to ensure a safe and effective technological base, necessary for a proper functioning and development of the entire company.

Our team made up of specialists has broad competence related to technologies of monitoring and IT infrastructure management, based on “umbrella” solutions of such companies as e.g. IBM (Tivoli product group), HP’s Cisco and Ipswitch, and OpenSource solutions (including, but not limited to NAGIOS, Cacti, and Zabbix). Our consultants and engineers have long-term experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining monitoring systems. While implementing a project, our team will:

  • develop a concept of the system and offer the best solution for the client;
  • hold meetings and pre-implementation trainings;
  • prepare assumptions for the technical design in collaboration with the client;
  • create the technical design;
  • install and configure operating systems;
  • implement solutions for IT infrastructure monitoring;
  • ensure reliability and continuity of system operation;
  • integrate monitoring software of third entities;
  • implement amendments and updates;
  • prepare post-implementation documentation;
  • carry out trainings for administrators and operators;
  • and having completed the implementation, our team will provide technical support services.