IP Telephony Systems

IP Telephony Systems are offered to companies and public organisations which need reliable communications solutions in order to quickly and efficiently exchange pieces of information.

Various communications methods such as the IP telephony, video calls, and chat features compound an integrated communications infrastructure, increasing the availability of employees, accelerating processes carried out within a company and, thus, have a positive impact on the enhancement of productivity in the workplace.

Our IP Telephony team made up of engineers and consultants, having carried out an analysis of business expectations concerning the new telecommunications system, may propose:

  • wireless migration of existing analogue telecommunications system to the IP system, ensuring the continuity of business processes;
  • optimization of the use of the existing external telephone lines of analogue or digital type ISDN or SIP;
  • ICT infrastructure audit within the scope necessary for the IP telephony to start functioning;
  • proper management and designing of VoIP environments in terms of reliability in the case of failure of components, such as telephone exchange, external line, etc.

Designing UC systems, we adapt them to the needs of individual companies or organisations, bearing in mind that the telephony system must be perfectly scalable, which allows to expand the environment in a practical way and according to the needs of our clients.
Within the solutions offered by our company, we deliver functional UC environments composed of:

  • reliable IP PBX control units;
  • IP telephones suitable for a simple or complex use;
  • fax-to-mail and mail-to-fax systems;
  • UC application with the video calls feature and integration with Microsoft Outlook mailbox software;
  • voice mail systems; and
  • teleconferencing systems.