NewCloud Data Center

Functioning of every business depends on secure processing, storage and access to data. Appropriate protection of information is crucial, but it requires extensive investments in IT infrastructure and advanced management systems. It is also worth mentioning that IT resources require appropriate environmental parameters for proper work and they have to be protected from damage and theft as well. In the age of increasing digitalisation it is worth to entrust all or part of the IT resources to a specialised partner who will be able to provide the above requirements.

In response to these expectations, we launched the NewCloud Data Center, offering a broad portfolio of services.

is a modern Data Center located in Wroclaw in the Wrocław Technology Park, equipped with mechanisms and technical infrastructure to ensure the security of processed and stored data. A local, gas-powered powerhouse with unique trigeneration technology is used to supply the facility with electricity and cooling. The production of electricity from gas co-generation units is supplemented by two reserve external power transmission lines from two independent Main Power Supply Points managed by two different operators. The Data Center is equipped with an emergency power supply system (UPS). Using an innovative server room, the power system will make server room work even in the case of a blackout of energy in Wroclaw. The Data Center is equipped with an automated, independent building management system that monitors the energy management system and performs a real-time environmental measurements. The location of the Center avoids natural hazards for Wroclaw (eg it is located far from the floodplain areas near the Crisis Management Center).

All Data Center services are covered by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Why us?

  • complete offer – as a System Integrator we offer additional services such as design, implementation and management of systems, which allowing customers to focus on their business goals instead of the tools,
  • authoritative methodology – unique methodology of transparent migration of IT resources to external server rooms, developed by our most experienced engineers,
  • experienced staff – for years involved in the integration of heterogeneous information systems,
  • individual approach – depending on the individual business specifics, our offer will differ and will meet every business requirements,
  • we are always focusing on providing the highest quality of service.




Value Added Collocation

We offer:

  • Technical support throughout the whole process,
  • Completely equipped 42U cabinets, ready to install equipment,
  • Possibility to install your own cabinets in our DC,
  • additional services, including:
    • real-time 24/7 monitoring service
    • administrative care for collated resources
    • software, systems and service management on collocated infrastructure (f.e. e-mail, virtual servers, other software used by the client)
    • backup of collocated servers,
    • ‘help desk’ – end-user support
    • ‘remote hands’ – cooperation with manufacturers of collated equipment for troubleshooting,
    • IT consulting,
    • the ability to customize additional services to the individual needs of customers.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)
We provide computing power and storage of our Data Center to run Your software and services for required period of time. We guarantee the continuity and availability of the infrastructure in accordance with the SLA. We provide real-time monitoring of the status of shared resources and service. On-demand we provide software licenses for the duration of the service.

Software as a service (SaaS)
We provide our author software: ‘Helpdesk SOS’, ‘Internal Control Management’ and selected partners applications in monthly billing services. We guarantee application availability under SLA conditions.

Hybrid Cloud Models
We increase customers local IT resources by providing them additional computing power and storage in the NewCloud. No need to invest in or building a new data center.

Decreased costs and reduced risk

  • Access to the latest IT solutions without investing in the infrastructure and purchase of licenses,
  • Payment for only actual used resources,
  • Lower TCO of IT (Total Cost of Ownership),
  • Enterprise level of data center security.

High performance and scalability available on-demand

  • Additional computing power and storage available on-demand,
  • Using the latest technology of the top IT manufacturers to ensure the highest level of infrastructure efficiency,
  • High-speed ISP links for fast data transfer.

Greater flexibility

  • Reduction of investment outlay – conversion of investment costs (CAPEX) into operating expenses (OPEX),
  • Protection of investments and the possibility of launching new services without investment in the infrastructure,
  • Dynamic (in real time) adaptation of IT resources to current business needs.

Greater availability and security of infrastructure

  • Obligation in writing to maintain the quality and availability of the provided services,
  • Reduced risk of failure due to full redundancy, and longer lifetime of hardware due to optimum environmental conditions,
  • Security management on a higher level – we can easily isolate services that are available outside the customer organisation.

Guaranteed security and support

  • independent links from several ISP operators,
  • Service Availability and Technical Support guaranteed by Newind.

About Data Center
Location: Wroclaw, Wroclaw Technology Park.
Server room scaled for 560 kWe on 289 m2

Facility equipped with:

  • Automatic building management system (BMS) that continuously measures the environment in real time,
  • technical protection measures, including Autonomous CCTV system (CCTV monitoring) with motion detection and access control system, intrusion alarm system
  • UPS power management system and power supply system.

Server compartment equipped with:

  • power supply: co-generator, 2 independent lines and UPS power supplies
  • cooling: redundant precision air conditioning system, chilled water system
  • fire detection system (point detectors, aspiration system),
  • technical floor, 70cm high,
  • power busbars with the ability to connect next cassette,
  • Lightning protection,
  • High-end firewall devices and high quality cabling and used materials,
  • environmental monitoring system.