Network Solutions

Network Solutions offered by our company support rapidly developing businesses by ensuring the increase of employees’ productivity, support of innovative services, and reduction of IT devices exploitation costs.

We deliver all components necessary to create a developed, safe, and reliable LAN/WLAN network. Our network solutions are adapted to the client’s needs, which is supported by considerable experience of our team of engineers in the integration of network solutions. As a result, all components of the network system work together without any problems and ensure a safe, fast, and convenient access to services and information, irrespective of a location. In addition, companies may receive support and technical assistance in one place, irrespective of which technology is chosen.

Our network solutions are based on devices of all leading producers of network equipment, including Juniper, HP, Fortinet, Huawei, and BlueCoat, and they cover:

  • security systems (NGFW, UTM);
  • protection against unauthorized access to the network (NAC – Network Access Control);
  • network foundation, i.e. LAN/WAN networks;
  • wireless solutions for network access;
  • network management tools;
  • SIEM systems collecting and correlating events; and
  • WAN acceleration.

One of our most important projects was a comprehensive implementation of network solutions for the University of Wrocław. We have created from scratch LAN and WLAN networks for a building complex of the Faculty of Biotechnology of the University of Wrocław. The project was to create a detailed design and then implement and integrate LAN network switches, firewalls, wireless network devices, and central network infrastructure management system. In addition, our company carries out the after-implementation service for the University of Wrocław in order to guarantee the continuity of work of the implemented solution.
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