Data Processing Centres

Infrastructure of the Data Processing Centre must be designed and activated in order to provide tools supporting a company’s business activity, ensuring the continuity of operation, safe communications channel with the client, adequate reaction to emergency situations, and safety of data being processed.

The key to success is to equip the Data Processing Centre with the system providing flexibility to modify used applications, ability to adapt its capacity and computing power to current requirements (e.g. increased number of users), which as a result leads to stability of the business activity, covering all safety aspects relating to data processing. Further to the implementation process, we deliver the scalability, flexibility, and reliability, i.e.:

  • continuity of business processes – optimization of availability, reliability, and stability of IT environment in the everyday functioning, as well as in emergency situations;
  • compliance with legal regulations – efficient, low-budget adherence to applicable law on the safety and periodicity of storing processed data;
  • management of risk of shutting off or temporary unavailability of business processes – optimal management of risk of unavailability of the key business process through a conscious management of available power and capacity of IT system;
  • safe access to data, personal data protection – protection against internal and external unauthorised access to processed data;
  • management of RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective), implementation of emergency procedures – an effective, cost-optimized, and compliant with business requirements emergency events servicing, including disaster-type events;
  • optimization of space for processed data – designing, integration, and management of mass storage memory environment SAN/NAS/DAS;
  • Optimization of the use of computing power and energy – scalable, integrated, and virtualised server environment which increases availability of services with the optimal use of electricity.

We offer comprehensive consulting and implementing services concerning the construction of Data Processing Centres, particularly within the scope of modification, migration and aggregation of server platforms and network solutions.

With our expertise and knowledge of our specialists, we can guarantee that the migration process of the systems to the Data Processing Centres will be uninterruptible or interruptions in the operation of these systems will be limited, controllable and planned.

Our analysts and engineers provide expertise and experience within the scope of:

  • the analysis of existing environment;
  • the development of long-term objectives of the operation of solutions being built, considering all the requirements (i.e., scalability, flexibility, reliability, etc.), consistent with the profile of a company;
  • the performance of the designs of functioning and construction of the Data Processing Centre;
  • the supervision over the construction of the Data Processing Centre (project management);
  • the migration of running systems to the Data Processing Centre;
  • the activation of the Data Processing Centre and functioning tests;
  • the preparation of emergency procedures.