Cloud computing and virtualization

Optimization, rationalisation, and increase of flexibility are advantages which could be gained by using IT tools. Cloud computing and virtualization is the latest trend, which uses growing possibilities of communications through the Internet and with the use of mobile devices.

Cloud solutions, commonly understood as the possibility of using specific IT services without the necessity of having and maintaining one’s own infrastructure, are a very important component of Newind service offer.

Developing cloud computing is complicated and requires highest competencies. Engineers and analysts of Newind know how to use cloud solutions in terms of consolidation, virtualization, standardization, automation, optimization, and easier and more rapid access to business services rendered by IT.

We are one of the first companies which have successfully implemented the cloud solution based on IBM equipment and software.

We offer a comprehensive service covering the construction of an environment in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) or PaaS model (Cloud Platform as a Service) providing integrated features of resource management. We offer:

  • standardization and automation of services in a cloud;
  • dynamic provision of services based on burden patterns;
  • advanced virtualization;
  • open standards, such as OpenStack, making it possible to operate in heterogeneous hybrid environments, built based on devices and software of numerous producers; and
  • flexible performance scaling of individual components as well as flexible pricing of rendered services.

Moreover, we provide solutions meeting expected TCO and ROI, taking into consideration the issue of effective approach to investment and adequate assessment of the profitability, so that the created cloud could solve current and future investment dilemmas. We use optimal and proven technologies with one’s own proprietary solutions as well as solutions developed by our partner companies, including, without limitation, HP and IBM.