Video conferencing systems

There are no geographical barriers for today’s business world. The everyday reality for corporate world are hours of business trips of sales representatives, managers, and specialists. Business trips, nevertheless, constitute a significant cost for companies and, more importantly, mean employees’ work time being unproductively lost, mainly due to travels.

This is where innovative technologies, such as video conferencing systems, come in. They allow to create audio-visual connections by enabling real-time moving images, voice, and data transmission between users or groups of users located in geographically remote places.
Owing to video conferences, urgent consultations with specialist from a remote branch or other company are no longer a problem.

Virtual meetings may take place immediately and exactly when is needed – without wasting time and money for travels. In companies of dispersed organizational structure, where meetings are a very important part of their activity, the cost of the video conferencing system may repay as early as after 2 – 3 months.

Our video conferencing system ensures:

  • work-time savings – it improves communications between company’s branches, minimizes employees’ absence from work and problems that may be caused by their absence. A one-hour meeting lasts exactly one hour and not a whole day as employees do not change their location;
  • cost reduction – savings resulting from limiting the number of necessary business trips (travel expenses, board and lodging expenses);
  • increase of work effectiveness – possibility to participate in meetings more often and at any time, with unlimited number of attendees, in any location; it is possible to jointly work with data displayed as a part of the video conference. New training and advisory opportunities are created;
  • speeding up decision – making processes and approvals of new projects – handling projects more efficiently and more effectively even if e.g. a couple of offices and project teams are located in different locations.

With this solution, our clients can quickly and easily take decisions, consult their partners or subcontractors, wherever they are located.