IT Security System

IT Security System has been developed in response to the market needs for the construction of security infrastructure in companies.

Our specialists commence their work doing an analysis of a company’s needs and developing strategic assumptions concerning required technical and organizational protection measures. Next, we recommended solutions as regards the IT infrastructure security based on devices and technologies of leading global producers such as: Safenet, Thales, Gemalto, Cryptocard, Fortinet, and Juniper.

Under the IT Security system, our specialists ensure a full range of both advisory and implementation services as regards:

  • security of infrastructure of ERP systems (including, without limitation, SAP);
  • security of personal data, including “sensitive” data (e.g. medical data);
  • software legality;
  • building a higher security level of systems and applications (the so called “hardening”);
  • security of virtualization platforms (e.g. Vmware);
  • building public key infrastructure (the so called PKI); and building safe authentication systems based on electronic card systems.

Building a security infrastructure within our Clients’ companies, we execute tasks covering:

  • analysis of business processes and identification of critical processes;
  • identification and analysis of information and communication systems supporting individual business processes;
  • identification of legal requirements and other regulations (e.g. sector-specific regulations) affecting the choice of safeguards and data processing method, which must be met by companies;
  • analysis of a risk of loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability for individual groups of information;
  • defining required organizational safeguards – e.g. rules for granting entitlements to employees, rules for transferring information outside a company, etc.; and defining required technical safeguards – e.g. anti-virus/anti-malware system, user authentication system, electronic card systems, PKI infrastructure, firewalls, access-control system, etc.